Hello everyone,

My name is Kris Barnes,

Founder and one of the Professional Wedding Photographers of KRSphotography_

But first, let me explain what KRSphotography_ is all about.

KRSphotography_ is made up of elite professional photographers & Videographers who are dedicated to providing the best image/video in the industry. Every picture is an opportunity to create a unique work of art. Our clients praise everything from our technical skills to our excellent customer service and, above all else, our flair for capturing true emotion. Not only will you obtain more value connecting with our services but you would understand the connection each of our clients feels after a session with our team. Passionate, Caring, Funny, Energetic, Reasonable,.. etc. These are all of the things our clients say about us and we love to hear them. Because this is true, we genuinely care for our clients as much as the work we provide for them. This is why all of our clients to this day are either friends or like family to us and we are here to keep it that way.

My Journey,

I Am a Professional Wedding Photographer located in South Texas but have flown and traveled all over Texas and by the time you are reading this out the country for special occasions. I have been capturing special moments for about 6 years and take pride in doing so. I started my photography journey during my undergrad years in college and wow was it a ton of work! A full-time student-athlete who started a business that grew like wildfire! When I graduated college from Texas A&M University - Kingsville, I continued and received my MBA and never looked back. I have learned my skills from many great wedding and portrait photographers and created a style that many grew to love. We are very transparent, funny, and love to bring out the laughs and joy in our clients. Never an awkward moment with us. Take a look at our special moments and contact me when you are ready to start your memories with us. We do offer videography, drone, and Live Streams, per request, and will travel/fly to your destination. We look forward to working with you. Talk soon,

 - KRSphotography_