How to Edit Wedding Photo's in Photoshop/Lightroom

If you are new to learning wedding photography or your a new wedding photographer I would tune in to learn the steps we took to learn our most favorable styles of editing.

Which is better, Photoshop or Lightroom?

In my opinion, they have two different creative objectives. Adobe Photoshop can be used to manipulate photos in more detail and open up your creativity. I would say for most artist. Adobe Lightroom is best for manipulating the colors in your images and perfect for fine-tuning. However, these tools can be found in the Raw settings in Photoshop. Overall, we tend to use both for different objectives but I personally enjoy Photoshop more. This is how we use the two- Lightroom to color grade and open up Photoshop to perfect the skin and manipulate the photo to our liking. We plan on creating editing and chill series via YouTube soon, as well as showing you guys how we edit a wedding session. As requested, Presets will be coming soon for those interested stay tuned for those. This is how we forged our creative side to manipulate color and image at the same time to wow our clients and create stunning photos. Check them out here, or at We are super excited to be Wedding Photographers. Our client's testimonials and reactions to our photos are what drives us each time to get better.

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